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Protecting Your Rights In Civil Litigation Matters

Needing to file a lawsuit or being sued is not a situation anyone likes to be in. However, disputes happen involving individuals and businesses that require professional help.  When a legal dispute arises, it is essential to enlist an experienced and qualified attorney to help guide you through the process.

At Thomas Sims Law Firm, we have more than 30 years of combined legal experience that we put to you when civil lawsuits are at hand. We focus our attention on disputes between individuals or disputes between individuals and a business, tailoring our representation to suit your needs and goals. Based in Largo, we help clients in the Upper Marlboro area and throughout the state.

Types Of Cases We Handle

Whether the case is filed in District Court or Circuit Court, we can step in and see it through to the end. Our firm handles a range of civil litigation matters, including:

  • Breach of contract
  • Personal injury
  • Landlord-tenant

Why Have An Attorney?

Even if you think your situation is minor or involves a low amount of money, it is beneficial to have a lawyer on your side who knows the process. We can review all of the materials involved in the case, advise you of your rights and options, and pursue a resolution to the matter that suits your best interests. If you decide to go it alone, you risk not knowing the law and not having anyone look out for you.

Consult With Us On Your Lawsuit

Let us review the lawsuit with which you have been served, or prepare a suit on your behalf. We can devise a strategy and aggressively take action. For more information, contact our firm online or call us at 301-637-3009.

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