The facts make or break your family law case

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2022 | Family Law

You may have heard from friends about what you should expect from your divorce, or maybe you had a colleague explain what determining your child custody schedule would be like.

You should know that while their experience is valuable in some ways, it doesn’t actually prepare you for your own divorce or the issues that may arise. Every family law case is highly specific. They are fact-based, which means that no two cases are ever going to be 100% alike.

For example, your colleague might have warned you about losing custody of your children as a father, but you and your spouse might already have agreed to a 50-50 custody schedule. With that in mind, the warning doesn’t really have any bearing on your case.

Your case is unique, which is why you need individualized support

The thing about family law cases is that they aren’t ever going to be identical. For that reason, you can’t rely on what other people have told you or expect your case to be the same as a friend or family member’s. You need to make sure you have individualized support as you go through the case.

When you work with your attorney, your attorney will ask you about different elements that could affect your case. What is your work schedule like? How much do you earn? How old are your children? What do you expect to get out of your property settlement? These are all questions you need to answer and the answers may affect the outcome of your case.

You also have to think about where your divorce is taking place. If your friend’s divorce was in Ohio but yours is here in Maryland, you’re going to have different rules to abide by. Every state handles divorces, custody and other issues differently, so you should talk to your attorney about what to expect.

The facts of your case will make all the difference

Your case is unique, so you need to go through the details to make sure the outcome makes sense for your family. There is no cookie-cutter approach to family law issues.

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